"Working Together Works"

Mission Statement 

The Town of McCormick will provide quality services to all citizens equitably and in a responsive, efficient and caring manner. We value employees who exhibit moral values that stress the importance of treating co-workers and citizens with respect and fairness.

Core Values 

Honesty - The Town will conduct its business and its relations with the public in an open and truthful manner.

Accountability - The Town will be accountable to its citizens for decisions and actions taken by its employees. In addition, the Town will be financially accountable. It will provide responsible stewardship of the Town's assets and resources.

Respect - The Town will show respect of the environment, policies, rules, diversity and citizens; consider all points of view when resolving conflicts; treat everyone with courtesy and dignity; and demonstrate civility at all times.

Teamwork - The Town will work cooperatively with all municipal, county, state, federal, and non-profit organizations to build and maintain productive relations between them, the Town and citizens and residents of our community.

Along with these Core Values, we pledge to COMMUNICATE and provide LEADERSHIP effectively and equitably with our citizens, organizations and community at large as we try to develop and maintain a high quality of sustainable living within the town of McCormick.